Top wedding gift advice from award winning bridal designer Louise Selby

It’s mid-May already and spring is hurtling towards summer which means wedding season will soon be upon us. Here at Lizard Orchid we love celebrating most things, but weddings have got to be our downright favourite occasion. With all you brides-to-be in mind, we’ve scoured the globe to bring you some unique and beautiful products, which we think, will turn your wedding gift list from standard to the sublime. But to help us get the gift list thing just right we thought we’d get some top wedding gift advice from award-winning bridal designer Louise Selby.

louise selby

1.   Which top wedding gifts win every time?

Glassware is always a winner, especially those champagne flutes for special occasions, like anniversaries … No excuses. Photo frames for those special moments, you can never have too many, the more different styles the better. One or two really lovely pieces to treasure, a beautiful decanter, or the perfect vase.

  1. Do your brides panic about wedding gift lists?

Most certainly, it takes a bit of organisation and the groom is usually more interested in the football or rugby, but it's important to choose things together even if the man in question claims not to mind or to like everything!

  1. Do you still use items from your wedding gifts? Which ones?

Le Creuset dishes last forever, now I wonder who gave us those?!  Also bed linen if carefully looked after, gets better with age. Those champagne flutes keep popping up, even if they get broken, it's fun to mix them up with new additions and you can never have too many.

4.   How many brides have you created designs for over the years?

Too many to count but averaging over fifty a year for more than twenty-five years, you can do the maths!  All gorgeous and different and looking fabulous on the day in a dress that is carefully chosen, made with love and attention to detail in beautiful fabrics in the UK.

louise selby

  1. Which is your current favourite dress design from your collection?

Sixties style is hitting the spot this summer, “Mimosa” and “Sunflower” perfect for urban chic or festival vibe.

  1. What's the secret to a happy bride and successful wedding?

Enjoy the moment. Sure, it’s a big day, but keeping it all in perspective does help. Being with the people you love and who mean most to you. Having a great party, is more important that, and the colour of the napkins.

  1. Favourite moment of the design process?

A bride's face when she first puts on the actual dress. Incredibly rewarding and usually accompanied by a few tears, especially when that veil goes on

louise selby

  1. Best memory from your own wedding?

Being surrounded by so many family and friends, all wishing us well, sharing the perfect day with “my husband” and knowing I’ve never looked better!

So, whether your are organising a wedding or simply heading to one this summer, Lizard Orchid have a slew of great gifts to pop on the gift list…

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For a look at more of Louise’s designs you can find her at www.louiseselby.com