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  • Summer 2016's Tropical Trend In Action

    Have you been on Pinterest recently? We have. In fact, we are on Pinterest pretty much all the time. And we'll tell you something: everyone is going bananas for tropical interiors this year.

    Pantone may have opted for sweet pastels for their colours of the year, but the real star of the show seems to be sunning itself somewhere on a beach in the Caribbean. It's no surprise really, when you bear in mind how utterly depressing it is outside at the moment. And in the news. Just about everywhere really, there's grey misery waiting to rain down. Of course everyone's going to be dreaming of an island in the sun!

    So how can you make it work in your home? First, check out our post especially for those who love a good trend. If tropical isn't for you, don't worry! We'll be featuring some more of the big players in interiors for 2016 soon.

    Depending on the sort of home you have, there are lots of different aesthetics within the trend to suit a variety of styles of home. From the grand colonial style, to the playfully quirky apartment style, the secret to the tropical trend's success is its adaptability.

    At the very centre of the trend are two motifs: the palm tree and the pineapple.

    Tropical Trend Don't give your house guests a headache!

    The palm is showing up in force, in seriously striking wallpapers and curtain prints, as well as in their original form: the potted palm reigns supreme.

    Green Entryway Outdoors Indoors: Just don't overdo it!
    Big Indoor Plant Feed Me Seymour! No, seriously, we said don't overdo it...

    Of course, all of these are kinda extreme examples. But be reassured: you don't have to go overboard on the palms to tip your hat to the tropical trend in your home.

    This, below, is a great example of how to use the trend in a retro-contemporary style. The wallpaper is very 'now' but it'll still look hot in a few years to come:


    Retro-contemporary tropical Gorgeous suntan not included

    If you're not ready to commit yourself wholeheartedly, then tropics make a great accent to neutral decor that can easily be replaced once you've moved on to a new, trendy fascination.

    The lush cane headboard in this bedroom shot is beautifully on-trend whilst still being malleable to new ideas in future:

    Bedroom with Palm Cushion Replace the cushion for a whole new look... easy peasy!

    We could literally spend all day sharing our favourite tropical trend shots. Or... you could just head over to our Pinterest board, where we've been doing exactly that:

    Lizard Orchid on Pinterest - Tropical Trend!


    Over on the board, you'll get much more of a sense of what can be achieved with the trend. But for an easy reference point, here's your must-have shopping list for going coco-nutty in your home this summer!

    1. Houseplants

    Yes, yes, the potted palm is your best friend. But any and all green pot plants you can get your hands on should appear in profusion in your tropical-inspired home. Think aspidistra, philodendron, ficus and lots of succulents.

    Display large cut palm leaves in enormous vases, big tall lilies and hibiscus flowers.

    2. Lattice prints

    Lattice Print

    Like this beauty

    ...or something much less OTT. Whatever.



    3. Beachy Bits

    Think giant conches, shell lamps, seahorse and starfish ornaments and island crafts. A sense of sand and water, carefully played, creates the illusion of a dreamy beach house.

    4. Plantation/Colonial Accents

    Antique globes, lanterns, travel memoirs and leather-bound journals. Suitcases and trunks as furniture, hand carved walking sticks, and ebony animal sculptures (i.e. elephants, mainly).

    5. Colour Palette

    Green, of course. Pantone has highlighted 15-0146 'Green Flash' (Hex #79c753) as key to this trend, along with 19-4049 'Snorkel Blue' (Hex #034f84) and 17-1564 'Fiesta' (Hex #dd4132). You want warm yellow gold, bright white linens, and dark wood. But avoid pastels at all costs (apart from minty pastel green where applicable). Pineapples can be combined with bright pink, and that copper blush thing that's been doing the rounds.

    6. A Bit of Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau mirrors and wall lights are teaming up with that bold palm leaf wallpaper all over the place. The shapes and patterns of art nouveau work beautifully within the tropical, plantation, colonial aesthetic.

    Let us know how you get on! We love seeing your home decor, so hit us up on Instagram with #mylizardorchid, and show us your tropical trend delights!

  • Interior Design Tips For The Fad-Follower

    With every design choice for your home, there are things that need to be carefully thought through. Your home aesthetic has to be built to last. There’s no point at all in just throwing yourself into a trend just for the fun of it, unless you’re prepared to live with it long term.

    Pineapple Interiors Be honest with yourself... can you really pull this off??

    I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being a fad follower. It’s so enjoyable to completely immerse yourself in an aesthetic for as long as it lasts… but if you’re not careful, you are likely to end up wasting time and money.

    It's so easy to get carried away with a fascination, and end up with some crazy, clutter-filled home, and have to spend every Sunday of the summer sweating away holding a car boot sale and eating cheap burgers in a field. And nobody wants that.

    That's why we've put together this post. Everyone needs to give themselves a little talking to at some point. So, take a deep breath, and let us give you a few pointers:

    Blank Canvas

    If you can reasonably identify yourself as a fad follower, well here’s a tip: make your home a blank canvas, and pick up on trends with accents and accessories that can be easily replaced when your fascination comes to an end.

    Neutral Living Room Keep it Simple, Stupid: Neutrals make a great backdrop for fad-fans to add their trendy touches to

    A neutral coloured sofa is good, but a good quality dark leather one works just as well as a base from which to dress your living room. Curtains, depending on your budget, are easily replaced, as are rugs and other soft furnishings.

    It’s the hard goods: your cabinets, chairs, tables, bed frame, wardrobe and so on that have to stand the test of time.

    Rose Quartz and Serenity Interiors Rose Quartz and Serenity colour scheme may be all the rage in 2016... but will it look as good in 2017?

    Light or Dark?

    White is right if you tend to lean in the direction of feminine aesthetics, country cottages, or bold colours and quirky styles. Dark woods are a better base for you if you’re into more sophisticated, luxurious interior design, or more masculine flavours.

    You should also bear in mind the size of your rooms, and how much light you tend to get. This will help inform you as to the kind of interior styles that are going to suit your home.

    Dark masculine interiors Dark interiors: have you got the space?

    Using white and light furnishings, including glass and Perspex, in large spaces can work beautifully. However, this needs to be managed carefully. Too much light can make a space feel cold and uninviting. Keeping bold pops of colour in large, light rooms, helps to warm them up a bit.

    Dark woods and wintery, masculine colours beg to be contrasted with large spaces: high ceilings and big windows.

    Details, details…

    With dark colours, there is a very real danger of creating a room that feels stuffy and, well… dark, if the size and light isn’t there to offset it. And this can have a drastic effect on your mood, causing you to feel grumpy, low in energy, and agitated.

    Bookcase and Leather White is right: With all those books and other details going on, this space could get quite claustrophobic if it weren't for the combined awesomeness of bright whites, light woods and bold colours

    There are ways to make dark work in small spaces. Go Japanese, and go minimalist. You should be completely and utterly clutter-free, keep away from prints and patterns, opting instead for flat colour in your soft furnishings.

    Less is most definitely more. One large ornament only: no nick-nacks. Period.

    On the other hand, small spaces with a lot of white furniture and light painted walls are more accommodating to detail and clutter. Even with tiny windows and low ceilings, with a light backdrop, you can give the illusion of light and space, and build a more detailed aesthetic on top of this.

    Keep Perspective

    Your accessories, the print of your wallpaper and curtains, and the size of your rugs and furniture, should be the right size for the room. Tiny furniture gets lost in large rooms, and large furniture can completely clog up a small room. Everything should be to scale.

    Bohemian Hammock Room - Large Space Keep To Scale: This large room is the perfect space for the big hanging hammock seat. It would completely over-dominate a smaller space.

    Be Yourself

    A home should always, always reflect the person who lives in it. Just as with the clothes you wear, the aesthetics with which you surround yourself define you to others. They even inform how you define yourself.

    For those living in a modern apartment or house, who work full time and have an active social life, you’re not there enough to overdo it. Keep it simple: it’s probably what you’d want, after all.

    On the other hand, the frou-frou creative, with all the cats and problems with organisation could really benefit from having a calming, minimalist home to contrast with her busy mind. But is that something she is really going to stick to? If this describes you, then storage is your friend. Keep the messiness and lack of organisation out of sight and out of mind. But don’t stifle yourself by hiding all your favourite beautiful things away.

    Stick to the old adage: If it's not beautiful or useful, get rid of it.

    And if you’ve got kids? Well, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to the elegant, minimalist home you had in mind. A home where colour, pattern, humour and life abound is going to be a lot happier to live in… and a little bit of crayon on the wall isn’t going to be a major disaster.

    Chic Japanese Minimalism Chic minimalism: definitely not for kids

    At the end of the day: in all aspects of your interiors, you should always be yourself, and work to your home’s strengths. You should know by now that it never pays to try to be something you’re not, and the same applies to the place you live.

  • Why Pantone Has Gone Pastel for 2016

    pPantone Colours of the Year 2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity

    For the first time since 2000, when Pantone first announced its Colour of the Year, the leading authority on colour has elected two shades to lead the way in 2016. 

    This surprising move has not come out of any kind of indecision by Pantone. Far from it. Recently, in many parts of the world, we have seen a blurring in traditional gender expression. This has manifested itself most prominently in the world of fashion, where societal movements towards gender equality and fluidity have been expressed in a defiant use of colour. Pantone's choice reflects the generational shift in cultural awareness and self-expression, with a blending of typically masculine and feminine tones, making a proud statement about the breakdown of the hegemonic gender binary.

    Pantone Colours of the Year 2016 - Pastel Hair

    Beyond the political, however, Pantone also note that Rose Quartz and Serenity are calming shades, which also reflect a cultural zeitgeist. As consumers increasingly seek out sanctuary from the stresses of modern life, the noise of the post-post-modern, political turbulence, the relentlessness of the industrial and digital world, gives way to a yearning for a more 'authentic', spiritually in-tune identity.

    Mindfulness, clean eating, wholesome living, nurturing of the self, all speak of a wish for regression, to curl back into our simple, childhood selves, unfettered by the cultural bonds of adult life. What better way to express this than with nursery pastel shades?

    At Lizard Orchid, we share this desire for sanctuary. We believe that home is the ultimate place to connect with the self in a calm, compassionate and serene way. So this year's Pantone Colours of the Year resonate with us in a very real way.

    It's this sense of authenticity which leads us on our quest to seek out and engage with true artisans in the world of design. As with Ruth's journey to India in search of meticulously hand-crafted glassware, in our engagement with environmentally sustainable, culturally sensitive organic cotton for our bed linens, and our love for traditional Portuguese ceramic masters like Pinheiro Bordallo, we put art and soul at the centre of what we do.

    In tribute to the values that Pantone has articulated so clearly in its choice of Rose Quartz and Serenity as Colours of the Year 2016, we've enjoyed curating our beloved homewares into corresponding collections. You can find our Rose Quartz and Serenity ranges as pride of place on our website, or by clicking on the images below.

    Rose Quartz - Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 - Lizard Orchid Collection
    Serenity - Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 - Lizard Orchid Collection

    So what do you think of the Colours of the Year? Will you be introducing these trending shades into your home this year? We'd love to see how you do... head over to Instagram to show us, tagging your images #mylizardorchid.

  • Our New Year's Resolution: Get Organised!

    Phew! Christmas is finally out of the way. Time to breathe a sigh of relief and welcome in the new year, and all that it may bring.

    New Year, of course, is a time when we all start thinking about fresh beginnings. About 45% of us make New Year's resolutions each year, and the second most popular (after 'Losing Weight') is to Be More Organised. Whether this means organising your address book, remembering to send out your post-Christmas 'thank you' notes, de-cluttering your desk, or giving your home a new lease of life, you have the opportunity to make it fun!

    Sirsa Leather Storage Boxes in BiscuitStorage is key when it comes to getting organised. That storage should be stylishly incorporated into your interior decor aesthetic, artfully balancing between the practical and the ornamental. Our Sirsa set of three leather storage boxes, in either Biscuit or Charcoal, may not be in our January sale, but the quality of the leather and of the stitching certainly add a little glamour to your home organisation!

    Beyond the boxes, the Sirsa range incorporates some other great storage ideas. Check them all out here.

    Moving away from storage, to the more exciting prospect of rebooting your home decor.

    Nothing beats slipping between crisp new bed sheets... and what better way to welcome a fresh new start than with fresh new linens? We absolutely LOVE our whole bedding range, so much so that we've taken 25% off it this new year - just so you can enjoy it as much as we do. Don't say we never give you anything ;)

    It's all very well saying that our bed linen is amazing, but quite another to explain why. Our expert buyers have travelled far and wide to bring the very best fabrics to our beloved customers, including Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, sateen and high thread count fabrics. If you're wondering what makes these fabrics so very special, you can read more here.

    Chikla Cracked Silver Glass Hurricane LampIf you're thinking of sprucing up your home with some new vases, bowls and other ornamental pieces, then our sale is a great place to look. We adore our Chikla cracked silver glass hurricane lamp (pictured), and the Sita set of silver and bronze bowls. There's a whopping 50% off these, as well as other pretty pieces that are sure to give your home a new lease of life!

    Hand-blown glass baubles by Lizard OrchidThen, of course, if we are getting back to being organised, then there's one thing you can do to get ahead on next Christmas way in advance! That's right... baubles. Now, we don't mean to brag, but our hand-blown, hand-crafted glass baubles have been designed in-house and are, quite frankly, some of the very finest Christmas baubles you can get your Christmassy mitts on. Luckily, we have a few left, and they're currently half price. If you really want to show your dedication to the organised lifestyle, then this is a jolly good place to start.

    Oh, and don't forget the stunning Bordallo Pinheiro range of Portuguese ceramics that have been flying off the shelves this Christmas, either. These unique, handmade items are full of fun and cheer, and they're also greatly reduced right now!

    Whether your New Year's resolution is to get organise, to beautify, or even just save a little on those luxury homewares you so enjoy... it's Lizard Orchid all the way! 

  • The Beauty Behind Our Bed Linen

    Here at Lizard Orchid, we seek out the very best for all our collections. Our expert buyers travel far and wide hunting down the finest fabrics and craftspeople across the world, and our Bed Linen collection is no exception. 

    Most of our bed linen has its origins in Europe, with the exception of the Kamla striped linen that comes from our artisan suppliers in India.

    You'll notice, when browsing the Bed Linen collection, that our range includes organic cotton, sateen, and there is much talk of 'thread count'. But what do these things actually mean?

    Thread Count

    At its simplest, thread count refers to the number of threads woven together per square inch. Both lengthways (the 'warp') and widthways (the 'weft') are counted. So, for example, 100 threads lengthways, plus 100 widthways equals a thread count of 200.

    As a general rule, the finer threads you can weave together, the softer and finer the fabric. However, this is not necessarily the case. A high thread count means nothing for the quality of the fabric if the threads used to make the fabric aren't high quality in the first place. The actual quality of a fabric depends a range of factors, including the yarn size, the construction and finishing, and the fibre quality, as well as the thread count.

    Where you see fabric marked as anything much higher than 600 or so, beware! This is usually a bit of creative marketing. After all, getting that many threads per square inch is practically impossible. On products like that, you'll find that, rather than counting the threads, the manufacturer has counted the fibres (plies) rather than the threads.

    With all the above factors taken into account, the truth is that a fabric with a good quality thread count of 200 may have a better hand (feel) than a 400 thread count fabric with less high quality fibres making up each thread.

    Egyptian Cotton

    The length of the fibre used to make threads is a general indication of quality. Egyptian cotton has fibres ('staples') that are longer than those found in other types of cotton. Longer staples equal stronger threads, as well as making the fabric more durable.


    Sateen is softer and has a more glistening sheen than other fabrics. This is due to the satin weave structure. Warp yarns are floated over the weft yarns, or - in weft-faced satin/sateen - visa versa. This means that four warp yarns are used (floated over) for each weft yarn, for example. Long floats produce a smooth surface that also reduces light scattering and thus increasing shine. However, it does mean that the weave structure is more susceptible to wear than other weaves.

    Organic Cotton

    Cotton covers between 2.5 and 5% of the world's cultivated land, and uses a whopping 16-25% of the world's pesticides. The chemicals used throughout the growing, cultivation and processing of cotton have been found to be dangerous to the environment, to the workers who come into contact with it, and - possibly - to the consumer. About 3 million cotton workers experience symptoms of poisoning every year due to the use of these chemicals, with 40,000 of those poisonings fatal. Conventional cotton, in short, is one of the world's most harmful crops. Organic cotton eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals. Farms that harvest organic cotton usually also have far higher standards of working conditions for their employees, and pay better wages.

    All Lizard Orchid's organic cotton bed linens come via our Scandinavian suppliers, who are passionately committed to organic cotton production. Their sewing facilities are in the Baltic states, where employees work a 37.5 hour week, have five weeks' annual holiday, health insurance, maternity leave and the right to organise.

    This post gives a brief rundown of why we choose the fabrics we do for our linens. However, if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

  • The Scent of Poetry

    Finally, after much anticipation here at Lizard Orchid, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new collection of home fragrance.


    Inspired by the relationship between poetry and the senses, we have sought to create unforgettable luxury fragrances that similarly evoke emotion, myth and memory.

    Working in collaboration with expert perfumer, Cath Collins, we have sought to create a scent collection that is both sensuously evocative, and in resonant harmony with the natural world.

    There are three fragrances in the Poetry collection, each of which pay tribute to great works of poetry from ages past. 


    Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

    inspired by John Keats' To Autumn


    Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day

    inspired by William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18


    So Sweet The Hour, So Calm The Time

    inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Serenade


    Choose Home Fragrance To Suit Your Space

    Our candles are presented in a beautiful box, lined in Lizard Orchid tissue. Encased in glass, the candle features a linen wick, which allows the candle to burn correctly. It will not leave a dip in the middle, but will burn evenly downwards. The candle is scented with 10% pure fragrance, infused into 100% soy wax, hand-poured in West Sussex.

    The reed diffuser set is a particularly special gift. 200ml of fragranced oil is presented in its own, separate bottle, allowing you to control its use. The extra long reeds are designed for maximum scent coverage. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the reed diffuser set is the stunning hand-cut, hand-blown glass vase into which to pour the oil. Crafted by fine artisan craftspeople in India, each one is lovingly created by hand, meaning each and every one is perfectly unique. Long after the fragrance has gone, the vase remains an ornament of exquisite beauty to adorn your home for years to come.

    Or, alternatively, why not treat yourself (or a loved one) to our gorgeous bath melts. Presented in delicate cotton muslin, and tied with pure white grosgrain ribbon, three luxurious bath melts nestle together, adorned with petals. Each carries one individual fragrance from the collection, and is created with hand-rolled shea butter. "Season of Mists..." is decorated with marigold flowers, "Shall I Compare Thee..." with cornflower, and "So Sweet The Hour..." with rose petals.





  • The Story of Roshani & Krosa


    8We are so excited about the arrival of our new Roshani Hurricane Lamp and Krosa Tealight Holder, we couldn't wait to share them with you. Not only because of the sheer beauty of the finished pieces, but because of the unique story behind them.

    We sent our Senior Buyer, Ruth, to India, to discover the artisan studio responsible for creating these stunning examples of master craftsmanship.

    Here's her story:

    I’ve been working with this supplier for over fifteen years now. I’ve always been fascinated by their unique and intricate creative techniques, so when I was offered the opportunity to visit them directly, in my role as Senior Buyer for Lizard Orchid, I was thrilled.

    Hundreds of moulds of all shapes and sizes were scattered around the entrance to the studio, evoking a sense of organised chaos that anticipated the atmosphere within. The first thing that struck me, as I stepped through the entrance, was the intensity. It was, for India, a relatively cool October day, only about 38 degrees. Of course, as a feeble Brit, I was already feeling pretty warm, but inside the studio, where the glass is hand-blown in the traditional technique, the heat hit like a wall.

    Everywhere inside, the buzz and colour of India was a-blaze. Groups of young men, heads swathed in bandanas, stood blowing glowing globes of glass. In a different part of the studio, others squatted at a cutting wheel, working freehand with concentrated precision. In the cutting line, the men were engrossed in their delicate job. The intricate quality of the cutting, that which is so uniquely beautiful in the finished product, was an honour to see in action.

    The finishing process took place in a cooler area of the studio. Craftsmen used small, handheld pieces of stone to work through the surface of the glass, aligning smooth edges by hand. Each craftsman, at each stage of the production process, seemed to be lending a very piece of themselves to the completion of each decorative piece. There was so much intimate passion evident in every one of them, it was suddenly all too clear to me why these men only worked a couple of hours a day.


    11aBeing hand-blown, no two items are identical. Each one comes with its own story quietly woven into its very existence: the breath that formed it, the hands that worked its shape and surface, the creative power used to give birth to it.

    Even the colour development is a fine art, taking years of experience to confidently achieve the correct tone. The pale dusky pink and smoke grey you see in our tealight holders and hurricane lamps took many tries for the craftsmen to perfect. The colour is set within the glass itself, and not sprayed on, as you may find with more commercially produced pieces.

    6aExperience and training is the secret behind the sheer level of skill I witnessed at the studio. Each of these men have been nurtured since leaving school to bring out their inner artisan. The creative owners, two brothers who were inspired by the masters of Italian Murano glass to produce fabulous pieces of art in India through traditional glass-blowing techniques, work with every artisan in the studio. They are trained with care, patience and precision to reach their artistic potential.

    And still, those techniques are developing. The studio is working with new methods to produce new and innovative styles, some of which Lizard Orchid is excited about showcasing in our upcoming collections. For example, the ‘dusty’, opaque look that has been so popular in our Rosaline bowl has been further developed in our Roshani hurricane vases for this Autumn/Winter collection. The finish works beautifully with the candlelight inside, producing a misty, warm and subtle, elegant effect. The Krosa tealight holders are created using clear coloured glass, hand-cut and polished, for a shimmering effect once the tealight is lit inside.

    1Both feminine and softly muted, the rose tinted Krosa and Roshani glass sit well with both silver and gold on the table, whilst the contemporary flavour of the smoke grey versions offer a more masculine elegance. These pieces have been inspired to fit our Warrior Queen collection, with the surface texture achieved by the cutting technique replicating the lace and chain, repetitive criss-cross textures that embody the Warrior Queen aesthetic.

  • Our Exclusive VIP Christmas Event

    Here at Lizard Orchid, we have been terribly excited about the grand opening of our new store in Guildford, Surrey. We opened at the beginning of November, and have been enjoying an excellent start to our new adventure! It's been a real pleasure to see lots of our gorgeous homewares being gleefully carried away by customers, ready to enjoy pride of place in their homes.

    We are keen to really celebrate our new shop, and what better time to do so than Christmas? Guildford is a stunning town all year round, but at Christmas, with the lights a-glow and the shops up and down the cobbled high street decked with splendid decorations... it's hard to beat. It's the perfect time to head to Guildford for a spot of very festive Christmas shopping.

    With Guildford at its best, and our shop buzzing away at the top of the high street, we decided it was the perfect time to welcome all our friends, customers and fans to join us for a little festive celebration in store. It'll be a real pleasure to meet you all face-to-face, and to share the Christmas spirit... as well as give you an exclusive chance to get your hands on some of our luxurious gifts and homewares!

    On Thursday 10th December, we are having our VIP Christmas Event in store, all day long. There'll be plenty of mince pies and other Christmassy nibbles, as well as some expert homemaking tutorials, helping you to dress your table professionally and beautifully, and also to prepare your guest bedrooms for the arrival of your friends and family this season.

    At the event, we'll also be hosting some exclusive offers on our collections, and giving some delectable free gifts away with every purchase over £50. And if you print a copy of this blog post and bring it with you, you'll also get an extra special complimentary gift.

    It's going to be a wonderful day, full of festive fun and wonder. So head over to us at 191b High Street, Guildford between 9.30am and 8.00pm, whilst taking advantage of Guildford's super Christmas shopping atmosphere (and late night shopping!). We look forward to seeing you there!

    Lizard Orchid VIP Christmas Event

  • Sales steals which last through next season

    Sales steals to snap up.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 5.18.43 PM

    If you're looking to nail a few new season trends but don't want to blow the budget, there are plenty of items still on sale which can transform your home into an all-singing-all-dancing-keeping-up-with-the-style-set kind of place simply by following a few of these easy trend pointers.

    Much like the fashion industry, trends in the interior world tend to arrive for a few seasons before softly gliding off to a golden sunset until it's their time to shine again. So what do we need to be looking out for in the season ahead?

    lizard orchid

    Texture is a big trend for winter months and beyond, you can add warmth and depth to your living spaces simply by introducing fabrics like faux fur, velvet or sumptuous wools. Take a peek at our fabulous faux pieces here for more inspiration.

    Floral is always a fun trend - think bold patterns and richer hues for the cooler months, and brighter for the summer. You can even bring florals into the kitchen with these floral inspired tea towels.

    sales steals

    Pink is a key colour for the seasons ahead - both in your home and your closet. We love adding dashes of colour and warmth to our interiors by adding statement throws like our pink alpaca wool pieces.

    Metallics are also having a bit of a moment - we love weaving metallic stories into our rooms with cushions like these gorgeous embroidered cushions, but you can also simply use accessories to tell the same story like our Sita silver and bronze bowl sets which are on sale right now. Or get a head start on the Christmas party season by snapping up this amazing party tub cooler in polished silver.

    sales steals

    However you intend to spruce up your home for the upcoming new season, be sure to make full use of the last of the sales before the bargains are gone for good. Shop our clearance section here for more ideas.

  • Colour confidence in the home

    Colour confidence in the home

    Here at Lizard Orchid we’re not averse to a little colour in our homes, not that there’s anything untoward about a neutral or two, but over the years we’ve found that adding a little colour pop with the change of seasons is an easy way to update your interior without having to blow the budget.

    lizard orchid

    Gaining colour confidence in any aspect of life is all about embracing colour theory and the good old colour wheel (which you might remember from art classes way back when you were in school.) We might have gone all mod cons and digital these days, but the colour theory remains the same and with a little insider knowledge you can apply the basics to your interiors.

    colour wheel

    For us colour harmony is where it’s at – you know that pleasing, easy on the eye feeling you get when you walk into a room. Well, that’s the kind of vibe we love. In order to create a harmonious home space opt for the calming influence of colours, which sit next to each other on the colour wheel.

    colour confidence

    You might be looking to create more of a wow factor in certain rooms – to achieve this you should be seeking to employ a contrasting colour scheme using complimentary colours – these are colours which sit directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. Remember you can tone down the impact of your look by adding neutrals as a backstop.

    lizard orchid

    colour confidence

    Once you’ve decided on the right feel for your space have a think about the tones within it. You might be a fan of bright tones or more muted pastel hues. A simple tonal scheme can create a tranquil living space – think easy going and laid-back hues. But too many tones will start messing with your inner Zen. Stick to two or three tones of a shade for maximum style points.

    colour confidence

    If the idea of adding new colours to your home is making you quake in your boots, but a little voice in your head is telling you that it really is time for a bit of a change, you might want to think about starting off small. Using accents like vases, throws and rugs to create a new look is a genius way of dipping your toe in the water when it comes to the use of colour for your home.

    colour confidence

    colour confidence

    For those of you who are neutral to the core and there ain't-no-way-never-ever that you would entertain the thought of colour, have a bash at introducing textures and fabrics to throw a little refresh into your rooms this Autumn. It's amazing how you can use texture to create light and shade accents in a room. Check out our new textural accent offerings for the cooler months here.

    colour confidence

    lizard orchid

    To help you work out which colours sit well together we’ve introduced a ‘shop by colour’ section to the website so that you can peruse our goodies safe in the knowledge that when you purchase from each colour zone the items will all work together in your home.

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